To embody yoga is to enter the body-mind fully,

with clarity of awareness, self-acceptance, compassion and awe; to perceive directly,
your very nature — pure radiating awareness; to witness and know intimately
that every particle of you is awake, alive, and self-aware.


Workshops, in-depth study, teacher training, and advanced study programs
take you deep inside to witness for yourself the miracle that is you.

E M B O D Y O G A ®


"Embodyoga® is an experiential investigation into, and enlivening of, cellular awareness, and the creative spark of life that animates our very existence. Our goal: witnessing the Divine manifesting into form." ~ Patty Townsend


what does it take?

Embodyoga® is the culmination and the ongoing exploration of more than 40 years of inquiry into the nature of awareness, body, and mind.

Patty was among the first wave of teacher–trainers in the U.S. while in residence at the Center for Yoga, Los Angeles in 1985, and later as co–owner of Yoga Works, Santa Monica. Patty brings a lifetime of study, personal practice, and teaching experience to her workshops and Teacher Training Programs. She teaches Tantric Meditation, and a fully embodied approach to asana, that encourages the spontaneous recognition of Unity, through the full integration of body-mind-consciousness. Her breath and awareness–centered teaching incorporates a deep knowledge of alignment that is profoundly influenced by the innovative approach to consciousness and full embodiment presented by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen of the School for Body–Mind Centering®, with whom Patty has studied personally for the past 15 years. Embodyoga® is the culmination of the serious inquiry of a lifetime. Patty is a master teacher, and embodies a strong understanding of all aspects of Yoga practice and philosophy. 


I invite you to join us for an intimate exploration into your personal and Universal Self.

Open to your inner vision and dive—deep inside—to experience directly the radiance of all that you are.
— Patty Townsend