Embodyoga®: Yoga From The Inside Out


4 Modules of Study  |  4 Weekends per Module  |  16 weekends over 2 years

Increase self-knowledge, acceptance and love through advanced studies in Embodied-Inquiry™, asana, pranayama, meditation and philosophy. Our Embodyoga® programs are well-rounded, in-depth studies of yoga with an emphasis on deepening personal embodiment as the basis for developing depth and power as a teacher. Learn to teach the Embodied-Inquiry™ practices of Embodyoga® and share the depth of this experience with your students. The tools that you will learn enhance all styles and levels of practice—beginning to advanced, and gentle through vigorous.

This program builds on the foundation of the 200-Hour Teacher Training Program, providing an additional 300 hours of study. The Certificate Program is open to yoga teachers with a 200-Hour Certificate from any Nationally Registered Yoga School. This is a highly rewarding study for serious yoga practitioners and teachers alike. Serious yoga students are invited to attend individual modules of this training for the purposes of advanced study.

Completion of both 200-Hour and 300-Hour Programs qualifies you for a 500-Hour Teaching Certificate with the National Yoga Alliance.

Program Information

Our Embodyoga® program is divided into four distinct Modules. Each module has its own focus. Yoga philosophy is woven into the fabric of the program. You may attend any of Modules 1–3 individually, and in any order. With permission, you may attend Module 4 before you have completed all of Modules 1–3.


Embodying Earth—Structure:
Musculoskeletal and the Fascial Weave

Define and clarify the principles for healthy support and movement of muscles, bones, fascia, connective tissues, ligaments, and joints. Create ease and integrate the forces of movement and support throughout your whole-body. Harmonious whole-body movement encourages us to drop our “fragmentary-sense-of-self” and invites us into the experience of wholeness that is the state of yoga.

  • Embodied Anatomy™—Healthy Movement for All Major Joints: Spine and Jaw, Pelvic Halves and Legs to Feet, Thoracic Region and Arms to Hands

  • Finding Support Through the Whole-body Fascial Weave

  • Integrating Movement through the Lower Limbs, Upper Limbs, and Core

  • Movement Principles and Sequencing for Stress-free, Injury-free Practice

  • Healing Modalities for Musculoskeletal Injuries & Limitations

  • Practice and Teaching of Pranayama

  • Breathing Meditation

  • Philosophy: Yoga Sutras

  • Developing the Art of Teaching


Embodying Water & Fire—Prana:
Organs & Glands

Learn to feel your organs and glands.  Discover how to initiate movement from them.  Recognize the expression of organ and glandular support and intelligence in yourself and others.  Learn to facilitate healing through these systems utilizing touch, asana, pranayama and meditation.

  • Embodied Anatomy™—Organ and Neuroendocrine Systems

  • Subtle Yoga Anatomy—Chakras and Nadis

  • Diaphragms of the Body and Organ Core

  • Glandular Correlations and Supports of the Musculoskeletal System in Asana

  • Sequencing for Organs and Glands

  • Healing Modalities for Organs and Glands

  • Refining Practice and Understanding of Bandhas

  • Practice and Teaching of Pranayama

  • Tantric Meditation

  • Philosophy: Hatha Yoga Pradipika and its Practices

  • The Art of Teaching


Embodying Developmental Movement: 
Neuro-cellular Integration and Yoga

Yoga is a developmental process of growth toward the living recognition of Unity.  We are whole, we begin whole, and we end whole. In this module we explore the developmental movement patterns that support our experience of wholeness and connection to Source. These creative patterns of life-force moving into form take us through the range of experience, from our deepest, primal, and fluid-body selves, through our embryology, and into the first year of life as we learn to creep, crawl, walk, and move through the world. We learn to integrate the embodiment of these developmental patterns into our asana practice, gaining a deeper understanding of our human evolution and the yoga form.

  • Yoga—Developmental Practice for the Entire Life Cycle

  • Fluid Patterns: Cellular Respiration, Sponging, Pulsation, Navel Radiation

  • Embryological Development and the Arising of Personal Core

  • The Developmental Patterns of the First Year of Life

  • Yield, Push, Reach, and Pull

  • Cellular Breathing, Embryological Breathing, and Navel Flooding Breath

  • Vinyasa Yoga and Whole-Body-Ujjayi

  • Practice and Teaching of Pranayama

  • Experiential Tantric Philosophy

  • Tantric Meditation

  • Refinement of the Art of Teaching


Embodying Core—Sat-chit-ananda:
Excellence in Teaching

Sat-chit-ananda is the nature of who we are: truth, consciousness, and bliss—manifesting into love, function, and form. In this module we continue to open the doors to the ever deepening experience of Self as we focus directly on transmitting yoga through teaching. We define and clarify the principles for healthy support and movement, to create ease and integration throughout the entire body-mind-spirit. Truly harmonious movement encourages us to drop our “fragmentary-sense-of-self” and invites us into the experience of wholeness that is the state of yoga.

  • Weaving Embodyoga® Principles into Fluid and Satisfying Classes

  • Resonating Through Presence, Voice and Touch

  • Beyond Seeing: Perception through all of your Senses

  • Advanced Sequencing and Teaching Clinics

  • Practice and Teaching of Pranayama

  • Experiential Tantric Philosophy

  • Tantric Meditation

  • Refinement of the Art of Teaching

  • Final Assessment



Our 300-hour Embodyoga® teacher training program is registered with the National Yoga Alliance.

300-Hour Program in Amherst, MA

MODULE 1—2018
April 21-22
May 19-20
June 16-17
July 14-15

MODULE 2—2018
September 15-16
October 6-7
October 27-28
December 1-2

MODULE 3—2019
April 13-14
May 4-5
June 1-2
June 22-23

MODULE 4—2019
September 21-22
October 19-20
November 23-24
December 14-15

Your Investment:
$4000—Full Training
$1200—Per Module

300-Hour Program at Mindful Yoga Center in Newington, CT

MODULE 1—2019
February 23-24
March 16-17
April 27-28
May 18-19

MODULE 2—2019
September 14-15
October 26-27
November 16-17
December 7-8

 MODULE 3—2020
February 22-23
March 28-29
April 18-19
May 16-17

MODULE 4—2020
September 12-13
October 10-11
November 14-15
December 5-6

Embodyoga® Founder  EDUCATIONAL director & lead teacher


Patty Townsend

300-hour Teacher Training Program

It is recommended that you take this program in its entirety. However, with permission, modules may be taken independently.

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300-hour Embodyoga® Teacher Training