EMBODYOGA® 100 Hour In-Depth Yoga Study Immersion Program


This immersion is a gateway to personal transformation. If you want to significantly deepen your yoga practice, understand and experience the layers of your Self more fully, this immersion is for you. It is the first 100 hours of the 200 hour teacher training.  Open to yoga students and teachers of all traditions.

Through inquiry, love, acceptance (santosha) and clear discernment (viveka), Embodyoga®approaches the study of consciousness through our bodies; and the study of our bodies through consciousness. Experience directly the movement of consciousness through all the layers of your being by inquiring into the support of organs, glands, body systems and prana flow.

Discover “whole–body–support” templates for strong, graceful, joyful and injury free practice and teaching. Learn to weave postures, breath and movement into progressive depths of experience. Experience directly the grace and wisdom of the body-mind-spirit in movement and in stillness. Develop a depth and beauty in your yoga practice that is felt internally, is evident to the eye and remains constant when you step off the mat and into the world around you.

Our 100 hour In-Depth Study immersion Program consists of Modules 1 and 2 of the 200 hour Teacher Training program. 


  • Fluid Body Movement Fundamentals—Cellular Breathing through Navel Radiation

  • Spinal Anatomy and the Principle of a Calm and Mobile Spine

  • Discriminating Core from Periphery in Body and Mind—Finding Union

  • Standing Postures 1—Our Foundation: Pelvis, Legs, & Feet

  • Surya Namaskar—Sun Salutations & Vinyasa

  • 3 Pillars of Embodyoga® and the Movement Principles

  • Pit of the Belly and Embodying Core

  • Musculoskeletal Correlations of Foot through Pelvis

  • Ease in the Iliopsoas Complex

  • Relational Movement—Yield, Push, Reach, and Pull

  • Inversions 1—Shoulderstand & Handstand

  • Pranayama 1—Ujjayi, Viloma, Nadi Shodhana

  • Yoga Nidra—Tantric Technique for Deep Rest

  • Philosophy—Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras & Eight Limbs and Introduction to Tantra


  • Standing Postures 2—Dynamics & Alignment

  • Integrating Upper & Lower Body

  • Ribs, Shoulder Girdle, Arms, and Hands: Alignment & Integrated Movement

  • Lower Back Fundamentals: Sacroiliac & Lumbar Health

  • Seated, Standing, and Supine Forward Bends

  • Lungs, Nasal Conchas, and the Breathing and Pelvic Diaphragms

  • The Organ Body

  • Pranayama 2—Kumbhaka and Kapalabhatti

  • Breath in Asana Practice

  • Philosophy of Hatha Yoga

  • Cultivating a Rewarding Personal Practice

  • Finding the Power of One's Personal Dharma—Life's Work


Embodyoga® Founder & Instructor

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Patty Townsend


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This program consists of the first 2 modules of the 200-hour Teacher Training program.

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Yoga Center Amherst • Amherst, MA
Mindful Yoga Center • Newington, CT
Yoga Union • Unionville, CT