Embodyoga® is a radical and inclusive approach,
to the ancient science of Yoga. 

It is an evolving tapestry, woven from the deeply healing, therapeutic, and spiritual essence of Yoga, and cutting edge studies in the field of body-mind-consciousness. Embodyoga® is a whole-person experiential investigation into, and enlivening of, cellular awareness.

Through inquiry and relationship we actively engage with all aspects of self and the environment in which we live.
Our inquiry reveals direct perception and authentic experience of our True Nature. 


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How does it work?


Embodyoga® embraces a Tantric philosophical view
of our bodies.

We study our personal body-mind system as a microcosm of the Universal Whole. We explore our body’s structures and consciousness through embodied asana, pranayama, and meditation. We investigate the personal as well as the Universal using the tools of radical self-acceptance and discriminative mind. 


Inviting insight into our true nature we begin to notice that we are awake and alive at every level of our being. Cellular awakening alters our perception of self, the world, and our place in it. We spontaneously recognize that as we are, so is everything else. The embodied recognition of Unity provides profound inner comfort and nurtures trust in the natural order of things. Our relationships become based on commitment, respect, and love.


Pure Awareness


Embodyoga® begins with the premise that our entire personal self— body, heart, and mind— is a sea of Pure Vibrating Creative Awareness. We recognize that each aspect of our physical, subtle, and energetic form is an expression of this Pure Awareness manifesting through individual qualities and traits. We experience these aspects as gradations of Pure Awareness, all made of the same “stuff”, all having equal value and importance, and all interwoven to form a system that is perfectly equipped and primed for Self-Realization. 

Through the process of inquiry, which guides the journey into our unique body-mind system, we harness the powerful forces of curiosity and desire to guide our exploration. Experience has shown us that whatever route this journey takes, it leads to the revelation of the Unity that underlies all form. In this way, Embodyoga® practice provides us with a direct experience of Unity that remains with us on and off the yoga mat, manifesting through and supporting our relationships with ourselves and others.

When we have had a direct and profound encounter with who and what we are, we effortlessly share this experience as an offering in all our interactions. A sense of love and responsibility for the well being of all humanity expands outwardly in concentric circles from ourselves, through our family, friends, and community, and beyond. This outward expansion results directly from our ability to perceive our essential selves more deeply.

In the same way that a tripod relies equally on three legs and will fall if any one is not present, Embodyoga® is supported by three pillars: Embodied-Inquiry™, Santosha, and Viveka.


Embodied-Inquiry™ is an intimate exploration of all layers of our form and consciousness, through the body’s systems to the cellular, sub-cellular and pranic levels.


Santosha is the wholehearted acceptance of and contentment with What Is - without inferring non-action. True self-acceptance lays the groundwork for personal evolution by freeing us up to make choices about how we perceive ourselves and our place in the world.


Viveka is the penetrating practice of discrimination. It hones and refines our consciousness, protecting us from the perils of self-deceit.