Matthew Andrews

Matthew Andrews is co-director of Yoga Center Amherst, where he has turned his attention after working in senior leadership for the international nonprofit Best Buddies. Matthew has studied yoga and meditation since 1999, including residential trainings at Plum Village, Auroville, Dhamma Dara, and the Mount Madonna Center. He completed the Embodyoga® 200 hour training, and continues his study with founder Patty Townsend and in his own personal practice. A member of the board of directors for Auroville International, USA, he developed and co-leads the Embodyoga® in South India trip to Auroville, as well as the Himalayan Bhakti Yoga Retreat with David Newman.

Matthew’s asana classes involve an embodied exploration of the interface between matter, prana, mind, and heart. Fun, fluid, and often incorporating a musical backdrop, they offer a journey through the kosas, or layers of self, through integrated and sequential movement. Rooted in Embodyoga® principles, Matthew also draws on his extensive experience with mindfulness and yoga philosophy, specifically the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.