Lakota Sandoe

Yoga has been a way to drop into my senses, experience my creativity, still harmful internal dialogues, soothe my nervous system & harness energy... I am awed by how much more is always there waiting for me, & i believe that the treasury of the Eight limbed path is bottomless. Cultivating mindfulness & awareness, & helping people synchronize body & mind are my revolutionary activities of choice these days.  I believe that the Yoga traditions are more relevant to our world than ever & that Yoga gives what is needed in the moment: be it strength, stress reduction, joy, courage, healing, integration...

Through sharing the practices of Yoga I hope to foster an experience of homecoming and empowerment for all who long for it. Whether you are building support for a sustainable practice, looking for vigorous refinement or in need of the replenishing aspects of Yoga, i'm happy to offer guidance & support. I am passionate about working with women pre & post-natally, the therapeutic applications of yoga, creative service projects, & indulging in the enjoyment of this precious life. Together may we delight in being a body, expand beyond our assumptions, rest in the self, & over time, learn to trust ourselves & the flux of life, for the benefit of all beings! 

Heartfelt thanks to Patty Townsend for embodying the trust & love that are the ultimate promise of the yogic teachings & for invaluable tools of exploration & attention! For teaching me to begin to trust my self & my own voice as a teacher & dance a new dance with the phenomenal world!

The mommy of two beauties, I love plants & creative acts of all forms. I am Yoga for Trauma, Prenatal & 500hr certified, & also help train teachers at the 200hr & 500hr level. 

Lila Loka Yoga, Greater Boston area