Katherine Tancredi

Katherine’s teaching style encourages students to find the grace and ease of yoga asana through the the breath. Her classes focus on developing awareness of the subtle energies in the body by exploring embodied alignment and movement principles in order to achieve harmony and equilibrium. Her classes offer students an opportunity to improve flexibility, gain strength, clear the mind and find connection to body, mind and spirit. Katherine’s background includes degrees in fine art and film as well as dance, which all inform her enjoyment of practicing yoga to music and creating fun and accessible Embodyoga® flow sequences.

Katherine is a certified Embodyoga® teacher at the 500hr level. Her classes create a gentle support that honors the individual as she guides her students toward achieving stability, developing a fuller breath, and cultivating health.

Her training in yoga has deepened her commitment to the yogic path as a way to promote vitality, provide relaxation and gain a sense of well-being.

Katherine especially appreciates the way a regular yoga practice has brought joy and fulfillment to mid-life by helping her relax into change.

Currently she is teaching at Yoga Center Amherst.

Her personal website is katherinetancredi.com