Karen Miscall Bannon

Karen is a senior Embodyoga® teacher with a wealth of teaching experience from her yoga practice of 30 years. She has taught classes and workshops and led teacher trainings on the east coast and is now in California, where she teaches classes and leads both 200-hour and 300-hour trainings, as well as leading workshops, trainings, and teaching in retreats around the world. 


"In 2001, I moved back to Amherst, MA and began studying with Patty Townsend, at the time, a well-established ashtanga teacher in the area. As Patty began her studies with Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, her emphasis began to shift from ashtanga vinyasa to what would develop into Embodyoga®.

I became closely involved in the Embodyoga® system that Patty created, assisting her in her teacher trainings, helping organize and create teaching manuals. As a senior Embodyoga® teacher, I soon started leading teacher trainings by myself. The first teacher training I led was with Suzanne Manafort at the Newington Yoga Center in CT, 2009, which we did for 2 years, after which I relocated to northern CA, where I live presently.

I’ve also had the pleasure of studying with Nicki Doane, whom I met through Eddie Modestini in 2001.

One of my passions is bringing yoga to underserved populations. While living in Amherst, I started a yoga program for women at the women’s correctional facility in Holyoke, MA and taught many workshops and classes in the tri-state area. I volunteer at the local juvenile detention facility in Placerville, where I have helped implement yoga programs in juvenile detention facilities in El Dorado County, and elsewhere in CA!

I am an ambassador for Mindful Yoga Therapy, which I teach with Suzanne Manafort in her VA-approved program for Veterans with PTS.

Yoga is so powerful, and has transformed my life; and I feel strongly that we as a community need to offer this to people who otherwise would not have access.

I currently lead and teach in several teacher trainings in both MA and CT, as well as in the greater Sacramento and Foothills area. I have a particular interest in bringing the gifts of yoga to the incarcerated.

I have a particular passion for anatomy and yoga philosophy, and am thrilled to bring the work of Embodyoga® and the other traditions I’ve studied to the area!"

See Yoga Center Amherst for her workshops in Amherst, MA

May 2017 • Surfing Gravity: Embodying Core in Arm Balances and Inversions with Karen Miscall Bannon

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KMB Yoga

Karen Miscall Bannon / Master Yoga Instructor


Leap Yoga • Folsom, CA • Beginning TT Sept 2017
Ebb 'N Flow Yoga • Northborough, MA • Starting TT 05/05/17
Yoga Center Amherst • Amherst, MA • 05/2017 workshop
Main St Yoga • Placerville, CA • Starting TT 04/28/17
Mount Madonna Center • Watsonville, CA • 08/18-20/2017
Ko Yao Noi, Thailand • October 2017
Estes Park Yoga • Estes Park, CO • Starting TT 12/2017