Deborah Evans

A passionate student of Embodyoga®, Deborah has studied with Patty Townsend at Yoga Center Amherst for 16 years, becoming a certified yoga teacher at the 200 hour level in 2002, and completing the Embodyoga® 500 hour teacher training in 2010. In addition to teaching classes at YCA, she serves as an assistant in the Embodyoga® 100 hour in-depth study, and the 200 hour teacher training.

Deborah enjoys teaching a variety of yoga classes at YCA. On Friday mornings, her Embody-flow class explores Embodyoga® principles through flowing movement to music. Let Deborah guide you into yourself to celebrate your strength and vitality and the ever-changing process of life!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Deborah offers a Restorative Yoga practice.  Through classic restorative poses and some fun innovative use of props, discover what it means to “yield”and allow the bodymind to regain its equilibrium, health and awareness.

Deborah is a former English teacher, who finds much joy in the life-long process of teaching and learning. She also finds tremendous inspiration from her husband, two sons and her dog.

Currently she is teaching at Yoga Center Amherst and the Hampshire Regional YMCA, Amherst College and out of the yoga space her home.