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Embodyoga® Workshops for Teachers and Students

with Patty at Yoga Center Amherst, MA

In this series of workshops you will develop your capacity to support yourself, your students, and private clients in deepening their own practice, building strength and dynamism safely, and navigating the personal healing process. CEUS AVAILABLE FOR YOGA TEACHERS.

The workshops will take place at Yoga Center Amherst, on Sundays from 10am – 4pm with an hour break from 1 – 2pm.

Sundays •NEW DATES FOR 2018

April 29, 2018 • TBA

July 29, 2018 • TBA

September 23, 2018 • TBA

Embodyoga® for Health and Healing of the Lower Back

with Patty at Journey of Yoga, Simsbury CT

November 18, 2017• 1:30–4:30pm • $59
Learn the intricacies of the lower back through Embodied Anatomy™ and asana. We will focus on how each pelvic half articulates with the spine at the sacroiliac joints, with its partner pelvic half at the pubic symphysis, and what "core support" really means. We will explore healthy movement in the psoas complex and through the sacral lumbar spines. CEU'S AVAILABLE FOR YOGA TEACHERS

This workshop is oriented toward yoga teachers, but serious students are invited to inquire. 

Embodyoga® for Resilience and Strength

with Patty at Kripalu Center for YogA & Health
West stockbridge, MA

March 4–6, 2018 (Sunday–Tuesday) • Tuition: $230.00

Join us for a satisfying and soothing journey into inner comfort and wholeness, as we take in the beauty and nurturance of the Berkshire Mountains. Experience movement, postures, breathing, deep-rest practices, and meditation to find the supportive power of your inner body. And...enjoy the great company, great food, sauna, whirlpool, and the many body therapy sessions that Kripalu offers!

For more information and to register, contact Kripalu


EMBODYOGA will Travel to your Yoga Center!

Patty Townsend presents Embodyoga® regularly at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA. Patty and other Senior Teachers travel to introduce these principles and insights to yoga students and teachers all over the country. Invite us! 


workshop 1 • Discriminating Core from Periphery and Finding Unity

Yoga can be described as the process of discriminating core from periphery, and the subsequent realization of their essential unity. The egoic self is the peripheral self, which is just as peripheral to the True Self as an arm or a leg or a passing emotion. Yet we are often fooled into identifying with our egoic self, which is comprised of fleeting thoughts and passing emotions. When we are locked into peripheral (ego-directed) consciousness we are only seeing a small part of reality. Living in this way, we are never satisfied, and we tend to become increasingly discontent and contracted in our body-minds. The practice of Embodyoga® offers specific tools for Discriminating Core from Periphery and recognizing their underlying Unity.

workshop 2• Embodyoga® | Deepen your Practice Through Cellular Awakening

Cellular Awakening is the practice of enlivening the consciousness within the body’s cells.  The Self that knows no form or limits directly touches and knows the Self within form through the medium of cellular awareness. 

  • Utilize Embodied Anatomy™ and Embodied Developmental Movement™ to experience more fully integrated movement of body and mind   
  • Embody the diaphragms, bandhas, chakras and kosas (sheaths of consciousness) in asana
  • Explore Cellular Breathing and the fundamentals of pranayama

workshop 3 • Embodyoga® | The Fluid Body and Navel Organization

Internally, each of us holds within us the consciousness of being a single, fluid-rich cell. In this workshop, participants will experience the evolutionary journey from single cell to an intricately articulated human organism. Individual inner wisdom guides our process and supports our knowing. Specific attention will be given to cellular awareness, cellular breathing, and the movement of the fluid body that underlies our vitality. We will also explore how our six limbs (head, tail, arms, and legs) radiate from and are organized around our navel.

The workshop will facilitate introspective investigation of these themes through movement and stillness, and will include:

  • Learning the developmental sequence of: vibration, cellular breathing, sponging, pulsation, navel radiation, soft spine, and mouthing
  • Expressing fluid patterns in asana, with particular emphasis on belly down, supine
    and standing postures for navel radiation
  • Experiencing the mouthing pattern to facilitate spiralic movement and the digestive tract’s support of the spine
  • Moving through asana and vinyasa through the fluid movement of navel radiation.

workshop 4 •Wholistic GLANDULAR SUPPORT through fascia and the SKELETAL SYSTEM

Our glandular system suspends our spines from head-to-tail, providing radiance and spaciousness to our core. Tone and balance throughout the system affects the structural integrity of the whole body through the fascial weave.

Our skeletal system is contained within the fascial matrix. In Embodyoga®, as in Body-Mind-Centering®, we have found that each gland has a correlation with a different aspect of our skeletal system. Recognizing this connection affords us an experience of brightness, levity, and connectivity that we don't often notice in our bones and joints, and gives more strength and stability to musculoskeletal movement.

In this workshop, we will explore the weave of these systems, learning to recognize how they look and feel when working in harmony. We will explore how we may assist the glandular system to come into a more balanced state, and how to bring more comfort and coordination to our skeletal structure through this integrated matrix of support.

workshop 5 • Introduction to Embodyoga® Whole-Body Integration and Alignment from the Inside Out

Embodyoga® integrates asana, pranayama and meditation into a deeply fulfilling movement practice.  An accessible and progressive system of discovery, it incorporates the structure of traditional Hatha Yoga, Tantric philosophy, and a revolutionary investigation into the inner workings of body and mind, as presented by the School for Body-Mind-Centering. This workshop offers Embodyoga's® basic principles, as well as practices for balancing the nervous system and gaining an experience of true mind-body unity, including:

  • Utilizing Embodied Anatomy™ and Embodied Developmental Movement™ to directly experience the many layers of being, including cellular awareness, glands and chakras, and the body’s systems
  • Embodying the organs and glands in movement and in stillness
  • Embodying the diaphragms, bandhas, chakras and kosas (sheaths of consciousness) in asana
  • Fundamentals of breathing/pranayama
  • Healthy function and movement for bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints

workshop 6• Experiential Workshop: Embodyoga® Therapeutics for the Nervous System

A balanced nervous system opens the doorway to pure, empty, radiant consciousness. This field of Pure Being is awake and self-aware, and it is the place from which all healing arises.  Participants will learn to contact this Source — this radiant field of healing — through methodical experiential exploration of the nervous system from the grossest to the most subtle expression.
Areas of focus will include:

  • The Principle of a Calm and Mobile Spine in asana practice for maintaining physical whole-body-integration and a Unified Sense of Self.
  • Finding comfort and support through Whole-Body Fluid Patterns: Cellular Breathing through Navel Radiation
  • Physiological Flexion and Extension — an early developmental template for the Ha and Tha of Yoga — to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Inhabiting the parasympathetic nervous system through bent-knee forward bends and poses that encourage whole-body flexion
  • Grounding of the sympathetic nervous system in back-bending postures yielding into earth.

workshop 7 • Embodying the Organs through Yoga

Our organs are deep reservoirs of individual and universal consciousness.They contain our dreams, emotions, personal stories, and collective memories. Our organs provide a spiralic support of our spine, enable our verticality, and give us depth, volume, and humanity. 

Each organ expresses its own unique qualities: the heart is supple, resilient and generous; the liver is firm, decisive and resolute; and the kidneys are fluid and tranquil. Through our digestive tract we choose what we will—and will not—take in, absorb, and release. 

In this workshop, we will explore our individual organs as well as our organ-system as a whole. We will incorporate organ awareness into a whole-body yoga practice. Through sensing and feeling we will learn to initiate movement from the organ body, significantly softening our expression in asana and vinyasa.

Fully inhabiting our organ body offers deep ease and comfort. We begin to feel truly three dimensional and can approach more challenging postures in a fluid and more effortless manner. This exploration is also an invaluable addition in our ongoing quest for healing and compassionate self-knowledge.

workshop 8• The calm and mobile Spine Principle in Yoga

Yoga can be described as the process of discriminating core from periphery, and the subsequent realization of their essential unity. The spine is the physical manifestation of our core, the embodiment of Sushumna Nadi. As such, it comes as no surprise that in Hatha Yoga, we often point to the spine as a foundation for whole-body and peripheral movement. In Hatha Yoga we strive to balance our periphery —“ida and pingala nadis”— in order to discover our quiet, yet illuminated, central core —“sushumna”. Asana, vinyasa, and guided imagery will be used to investigate specific inner templates and developmental patterns that underlie physical integration and wholeness.

Participants will learn:

  • Differentiating “core” from “periphery” with regard to the axial and appendicular skeleton
  • Distinguishing Pelvic Halves from Spine and Integrating Pelvis with Legs
  • Effective Action and Ease in the Psoas Complex
  • Full Articulation of the Legs and Feet
  • Head to Tail Integration

By the end of the workshop, participants will have come to experience and relate to their spine in a new way, and they will have gained tools for self-healing on all levels of their being.

Workshop 9 • Therapeutics for the Sacroiliac Joint and the Pelvis

In this class participants will explore the intricacies of the pelvis through Embodied Anatomy™, asana, pranayama, and specific movement techniques. We will focus on how each pelvic half relates to its leg and foot; how it articulates with the spine at the sacroiliac joint, and with its partner pelvic half at the pubic symphysis. 

We will discover the under-recognized importance of mobility at the pubic disk. Appropriate movement at the pubis balances the need for stability in the sacroiliac joints, and leads to greater comfort and ease in asana practice and in our bodies throughout daily life. Our exploration will take us to the pelvic floor — the breathing, organ support of our core.

We will experience mulabandha from this deep and gentle awareness. Intimate knowledge and full embodiment of our pelvis encourages the experience of presence, safety, and connectedness in the Muladhara and Svadisthana chakras. 

Participants can expect to experience increased comfort, function and ease in the sacroiliac joint and the entire pelvic region. They will feel more grounded, alive and awake in body and mind. They will leave the workshop with new tools for maintaining healthy and fluid movement in the pelvis.

workshop 10 • The YOGA of Embodiment

The body is the vehicle that we’ve leased to conduct our exploration of duality and physicality. It’s the laboratory in which pure consciousness touches sleeping matter and shakes it awake.

Embodyoga® invites the Self that knows no form or limits to directly touch and know the Self within form through the medium of cellular awareness. It is an inquiry into the essential nature of the body systems, organs, tissues, and skeletal supports. From the moment that sperm and egg unite and cells begin to multiply, an incomprehensible number of microscopic events unfold in perfect succession. We unravel in the direction of a blueprint enclosed in the seed that released us.

Embodyoga® seeks to trace this unraveling and bring it to the big screen of our consciousness. The practice is an ancient dance that we all have danced before, only now our gestures are visible and the fully developed adult mind is invited to watch and join.

Patty Townsend teaches the Yoga of embodiment, and she’s developed a series of practices and learning disciplines that engage students directly in a process of Swadyaya (self-study) while exploring classical yogic postures and breathing techniques.

Workshop 11 • Whole Body Integration and the Light Bright Fascial Weave

Fascia is the unifying matrix of connective tissue that integrates and forms the support of everything in the body. It is the very fabric of our form—an uninterrupted intelligent, viscous, and elastic tissue that surrounds and penetrates all body structures from head to toe.

Integrating movement through the entire fascial matrix is a key to relieving pressure in joints and muscles and brings light into all the body structures.

Using yoga as the form, we  explore the levity, gravity, and embodied-tensegrity that is the nature of this glorious fluid-body structure. We experience directly how this method of integrating movement through the entire body supports rehabilitative and therapeutic approaches in asana.