Your Embodyoga® Practice

The simplest definition of yoga is unity. The practice of yoga is not a return to unity, because we never left it. Unity is the underlying reality of our existence, however it may not be our experience.
Embodyoga® consists of practices that bring the embodied experience of unity into the forefront of each individual's personal awareness. These subtle levels of experience are inherently compelling and the gravity of the inner world draws us in quite effortlessly and naturally. With clarity of awareness, we begin to experience directly that every cell in our body is awake, alive, and self-aware. Full realization is not just a state of mind. Full realization is a full body-mind-consciousness experience. To Embodyoga® means to bring Unity into direct experience.


The Principles of Embodyoga®

The principles of Embodyoga® enhance every style and level of yoga practice, creating a depth and beauty that are visible and profoundly felt by the practitioner. Alignment expresses itself from the inside out and is very specific to each individual. We expect differences in the completion of any yoga posture based on the unique inquiry of the person practicing. The following core techniques and practices apply equally to vigorous, vinyasa, and gentle yoga:



EMBODIED-INQUIRY™ is an intimate exploration of all layers of our form and consciousness, through the body’s systems to the cellular, sub-cellular and pranic levels. We weave Embodied-Inquiry™ into our asana, pranayama, and meditation practices.  It softens our thinking mind and encourages us to move more deeply into sensing, feeling, and directly experiencing our essential selves. Guided by discriminative mind and profound self-acceptance, fueled by curiosity and desire for greater depth, Embodied-Inquiry™ is playful and absorbing.


Through the use of our unique WHOLE-BODY-SUPPORT ORGANIZATIONAL TEMPLATES, we create a fully harmonious experience in each yoga posture. Force and weight are fluidly distributed throughout the body to completely relieve the stress on specific joints and muscles. Postures and movements are organized so that the whole body supports their form, instead of individual muscles straining to hold themselves in place. When we fragment our body awareness in order to force ourselves into an asana, our mind and awareness fragment as well. By engaging the whole body in supporting postures, we encourage a unified self-awareness with greater access to the experience of Unity. These organizational patterns are inherent in the postures, and based on our developmental underpinnings and deep anatomical structures. But they need to be recognized and practiced to ensure safety, comfort, and support for a lifelong yoga practice.

embodied anatomy™

Through EMBODIED ANATOMY™, we directly experience the intelligence of our cells, organs, glands, tissues, fluids, and body systems and the qualities of awareness that are expressing through them at all times. We locate ourselves in form and space and deepen our understanding of our personal expression in the world. We become witnesses and active participants in the symphony that is our body, heart, and mind.


From the time of conception, through all the phases of life until our personal death, we are evolving and developing as human beings. Through EMBODIED DEVELOPMENTAL MOVEMENT™ we explore our human journey from beginning to end. We experience and investigate cellular breathing, the organization of cellular families, embryological development, and development through gestation, birth, the first year of life, and beyond. As adults we carry embodied memories of our development. By accessing these memories we touch primal desire and curiosity, and witness their growth through our lifetime.

Embodyoga® brings the experiences gained through EMBODIED DEVELOPMENTAL MOVEMENT™ into our ongoing yoga practice. We reach for what we desire and we pull it into ourselves. We learn to digest and assimilate life as it is. We yield into the Earth and feel the support of Her mass as we push ourselves skyward.  We experience our individual lives as the interface between Unity and duality, the play of the Formless within form.

* Embodied Anatomy™ and Embodied Developmental Movement™ are trademarks of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and The School for Body-Mind-Centering®.


Breath and Pranayama

Cellular Breathing

Cellular Breathing is the foundation for all pranayama techniques in Embodyoga®. The subtlest movement of prana within our bodies, we consider cellular respiration to be our primary breath. Consciously practicing Cellular Breathing enlivens the subtle energy within and around the cells, a process that can be witnessed, felt, and enjoyed. By beginning with cellular breathing, we learn to stay soft and receptive in practicing the traditional pranayama techniques.

Whole Body Ujjayi Pranayama

Whole Body Ujjayi Pranayama is a soft and resonant ujjayi practiced from the perspective of the cells themselves. The cells call for the prana of the breath and the ujjayi washes the breath to and through the cells. This unifies the lung breath with cellular respiration, and it integrates and supports the whole body in asana practice.

Naval-flooding breath

Naval-Flooding Breath is a foundational technique for organizing movements to and from our core. It increases prana flow in the navel center, stabilizes the navel, and integrates our limbs through our solar plexus, and into our deep belly core.

Embryonic Breathing

Embryonic Breathing, as taught by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, is a method for sipping prana into our deep core. It expands the finest aspects of life force and refreshes prana flow in the deep body structures, including the organs and bone marrow.

Traditional Pranayama

We use the traditional Pranayama Practices of Hatha Yoga and integrate them into practice as the body-mind softens and each student becomes able to practice breathing softly, fully, and without strain.